Frequent questions

The most frequently asked questions from our customers and beyond.

Frequent questions

They may not be sure about how it works or what benefits a website can bring you or the benefits of developing a custom platform. We answer below some of the most frequently asked questions from our customers.

No way ! You can be anywhere as long as you have internet or phone access.

We can’t answer this question concretely without knowing more details about the criteria you want to appear on your website, so this cannot be generalized. We will ask you many questions to understand your activity, we will study your needs. and of your customers and we will offer the price offer based on these criteria.

On average, it takes no more than two weeks to develop a presentation website. An online store, on average, does not last more than four weeks, and for the development of a personalized platform it is necessary a complete analysis of the specifications so that it can establish a development time.

Your input and feedback are very important. Immediately after signing the contract, we will start by asking you questions about your needs regarding the website design, the prevailing colors, structure and last but not least regarding the company data, customer information and services you want to be highlighted on the site.

Of course! We are happy when our clients take control of the web page and learn how to manage the page on their own. But it would be preferable to talk to us before doing this to help with tips for doing this as professionally as possible.

Given that you are the expert of your business, it is preferable for you to write articles that will be published on the website, but if you need help or are too busy to do this, you have editors and text editors who will want you. you could create the content

Sure! Maintaining a website is very important, and we pay the utmost attention to maintaining the website to the highest standards.

We are willing to find the best solution that fits your budget.

We are a company that deals with every project with interest. Even if after the completion of the project you need any advice or further assistance you can always contact us by email or telephone (you can find them on our Contact page)


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